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What are Eyelid Bumps and its type
Eyelid bumps square measure red lumps showing on the eyelids wherever the lash meets the lid. they're usually harmful and don't need any medical treatment as they will go away with a home remedy or naturally with time.
Xanthelasma And Heart Disease
Heart Disease and Xanthelasma
A study has found a link between xanthoma and cardiovascular (Heart Disease) disease. If so, this finding might facilitate stop heart attacks. this text can enlighten you a lot of regarding this analysis and its results.
Xanthoma Treatment with Castor Oil
Xanthoma can be an uncomfortable condition that drastically affects your appearance. These growths might not be painful, but they can certainly impact your daily life. Treatment for this condition can often be long and possibly invasive. Most people would prefer to find a more natural way to address their symptoms, leading them to consider castor oil. Can castor oil treat xanthoma?
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