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Professional Skin Peel with the XanthRemover

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If you bought one of our High Grade Glycolic acid gel cosmetic peels like our XanthRemover congratulations. Now you are on the path to achieving and enjoying the great aesthetic results, the same achieved in top aesthetic clinics. Before the XanthRemover the amazing results of high grade chemical peels were only possible either at the dermatologist office or at top cosmetic clinics. Now you can perform these top aesthetic treatments in complete safety from the the comfort of your own home.

Professional skin peels at cosmetic clinics are charged usually starting from 100 dollars per session. The Results of professional skin peels are dramatic this is the reason for the high prices of this type of cosmetic professional treatment.  With high grade Glycolic Acid gels you will be able to achieve great results you would get in those professional settings. Today the XanthRemover (A high grade Glycolic acid gel)  brings you home the same results you only achieve at cosmetic clinics but from the comfort of your home and at a tiny fraction of the price. The XanthRemover brings you the know-how as well as the professional grade peel to achieve the results you want from the comfort of your own home. If you want to achieve these almost believable results you gatg

The XanthRemover has the same characteristics of professional grade Skin Peels used in cosmetic clinics. It is designed for cosmetic clinics  use as well as for home use.

The typical number of full skin peel face applications with the XanthRemover is 20. Therefore at current rates you can expect a deliverable value of over US 2000 dollars with a single XanthRemover. This does not account for the time required for travelling to the clinics, consultation fees etc.

The applications of deep peels using this type pf high grade glycolic acid gel are:

Upper Eyelid Tightening when the  chemical peel is performed on the upper eyelids.

Lower eyelid tightening when the chemical peel is performed on the lower eyelid area.

Crows feet attenuation when the chemical peel is performed on the area around the eyes.

Overall skin rejuvenation and wrinkles attenuation when performed on the overall face

Sun Spots removal through exfoliation.

Age Spots removal.through exfoliation.

Syringoma Removal.

Acne spars attenuation.

Chicken pox scar attenuation.

Stretch marks removal.



Why is understanding and following the instructions of use very important when you are using high grade Glycolic acid Gel peels.

Over the years we have sold several thousands of high grade  Glycolic Acid Gel peels the world over and we received very good feedback from the majority of our customers (90% or over), however at the very fringe (10% or less) we receive very  mixed feedback. Although the vast majority of the feedback is excellent so that gave us the confidence of providing the full money back guarantee, there has always been fringe extreme feedback. a minority of people said that the product burned their skin and others said it had no effect whatsoever (no burn no peeling nothing). How is that possible? A minority of people say it is so string that it is dangerous while others say it does nothing… There are several contributing factors to this. The main one is the modality of use of the product . Depending on how you use the product you will have very different results. But the other factor is the type of skin the product is used on.   Some people do not perform the patch tests which are designed to teach the user the effects of the product on their particular kin type. Invariably some people skip this process and go ahead and apply the product on their eyelids for example for one hour and they then end up with swollen eyelids for a while and they get worried. Others are extremely cautious and they only apply the product for 10 minutes at a time and they get frustrated at the lack of results. So understand the instructions taking your time to familiarise with the way this type of potent Glycolic acid gel works is imperative.

High grade (70% Glycolic acid Gels) are very potent skin ablators and as such they have to be used with as much care and experience as possible. This type of product is very similar to any aesthetic  instrument for skin ablation. This type of product can produce very different outcomes based on how it is used and the type of skin it is used on. Despite the detailed  information on the instructions some very tiny minority of people (10% to 5% of our customer base) overlook the patch testings and apply it only for 10 minutes while others leave it on the area for hours obtaining very different results. The ones who apply it only for 10 minutes do not usually experience any effects and they complain the product is not working and those who apply it for hours sometimes complain the product is too strong and they feel the product has burned them.  As you will see later on also a very minority of the people using this type of gel although they have applied on the area for hours they experience very little burn and exfoliation this is because some skin types are very oily. Said that the vast majority (90% or over) of our customer base is able to follow the introductions and trouble shoot should things not go as planned.


Why patch testing and why it is so important?

High Grade Glycolic acid gel peels are potent ablators. The degree of the bur depends on three factors:

1 the duration of the applications

2The area Of the application, What part of the skin the gel has been applied on.

3 the amount of oil on the skin.

Therefore there are no set instructions for this product that would suit every application and every person in the same way. Everyone has a different skin type and therefore a different reaction to the High Grade Glycolic Acid for his/her own particular aesthetic application. the upper eyelid for upper eyelid tightening for example, one person can achieve the desired exfoliation results without any particular degreasing and only 40 minutes application, while someone else might require degreasing with vinegar and 1 hour application to achieve the desired exfoliation results.

Duration of the Application. 

The effects of High Grade Glycolic acid gels are application time dependent. Generally the longer the chemical peel is applied on the skin the  the deeper the effects. In a traditional cosmetic chemical peel the aesthetic practitioner (or dermatologist) uses a  neutraliser after a specific lenth of time to stop the ablation effects of the chemical peel solution. Usually the Chemical peel is a relatively potent acid and gthe neutraliser is a base.   On the other end when applying a  think gel the process is different.  There is no need for a neutraliser the ablative effects of the peel are simply stopped by washing the area with water.

What area of the skin the gel has been applied on. 

Different areas of the skin have different modality of applications. For example the upper eyelid area  is more delicate and experinces not only efoliation but also swerlling that is not confined to the upper eyelid area. Whereas if the gel is used for stretch mark attenuation or acne scar attenuation the area of application usually is far less delicate than the upper eyelid area.

Therefore there are areas more delicate which exfoliate and reeact different than others and the modalilty of application difffers accordingly. Also the effects on

The amount of oil on the skin and the  Glycolic Acid Ablative effects.

Naturally the skin produces a oily layryer that protects it from the outside world. This is called sebum barrier. This substance act as a protector from the esternal world, and the skin produces it continuously. This Sebum barrier also act as a very effective barrier to chemical peels.

Different people produce different amounts of sebum on their skin. Therefore different people present different results to the same product application done in a similar manner, For example person A could have a very high degree of exfoliation when the high grqade gel is applied for 30 minutes while the same duration of application on person B has no effect whatsoever. This happens very often. Each person’s skin reaction can drammatically differ from another. Some people experience a high degree of

Please note that even if you do not believe your skin it is oily it may still be and may have an intrisic barrier protection which you do not know about. In other words it is not always possible to assess the degree of natural protection your skin has. It will become apparent only after you started to apply the high Grade Glycolic acid gel.


How to prepare the skin for exfoliations with the High Grade Glycolic Acid Gel 70% Like the XanthRemover.

It is very important to prepare the skin or the area where you want to apply the Glycolic acid gel so that you have the desired skin exfoliation effects. The most important part of the preparation is the degreasing of the skin.

Why is degreasing the skin so important before performing skin chemical peels with Glycolic acid Gel?

The skin has a layer of oily grease that is meant to protect the skin from the weather and different agents. This layers also protects the skin form the ablative effects of  glycolic acid.

In Fact if you go to the dermatologist office to have a professional chemical peel treatment, what you will find is that the Cosmetic Practitioner ofr dermatologists has  a procedure during which your skin is degreased before applying any chemical peel opn yhour face. This layer of grease protection is not evenly distributed on anyone’s skin, Some areas have more and some have less. If you apply the high Grade Glycolic acid gel on the skin without decreasing it then you will see how certain areas exfoliate more then others. It is like the expofiation occurs in patches.


What its the diffrerence between the classic Chemical peels and a glycolic acid gel?