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(English) XanthRemover suitable for all skin types

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The XanthRemover is a professional Cosmetic Peel suitable for all skin types from 1 to 6.

One of the main concerns people of dark skin colour have is whether the product is suitable for their skin. This is because there are several aesthetic treatments and aesthetic products unsuitable for darker skin types. For example TCA Trichloroacetic acid is not suitable for darker skin types as it has shown to be the cause of both hyper and hypo pigmentation. Also loads of other products and aesthetic treatment are not suitable for darker skin types.

We wanted to make the XanthRemover ubiquitous the world over and in order to be easily available it had to be very effective, affordable and most of all suitable and safe for all skin types. After extensive research the XanthRemover has been formulated to be suitable for all skin types, from 1 to 6. This is important because ultimately we wanted to make it an amazing product that would be very effective and most  of all affordable for everyone and making a online system which would allow easy access to this amazing product by everyone in the world.

Therefore the fact that the product would be suitable for all skin types is essential. We have chosen Glycolic acid as the main active ingredient in the cosmetic peel in order to make sure the product would be suitable by all skin types indiscriminately.

As a notorious study demonstrates how Glycolic acid is safe for all skin types from 1 to 6 . Additionally given the number of XanthRemovers sold to date the world over and the absolute absence of adverse reactions of any type on any skin type for  many other aesthetic conditions, we are now very sure, not only of the efficacy of this product, but most of all, its safety on all skin types. So if you are looking to benefit from all the great benefits from the XanthRemover you can use it with Confidence since the it is demonstrably extremely safe no matter your skin tone.



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