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Enquiry sent on 16.11.2015. I have has Xanthelasma for 3 years, can you help?

Enquiry sent on 21.11.2015. I live in Spain can you help me remove my Xanthelasma?

Enquiry sent on 22.11.2015, I have had Xanthelasma for 4 years, can you help?

Enquiry sent on 25.11.2015. Where should I patch test?

Enquiry sent on 26.11.2015. How much does the treatment cost?

Enquiry sent on 30.11.2015. Should I use an antibiotic cream? How should I apply the sun screen?

Enquiry sent on 05.12.2015. The dermatologist has only removed a tiny part of the Xanthelasma

Enquiry sent on 09.12.2015. Here are my pictures, can you help me?

Enquiry sent on 10.12.2015. I do not seem to see great change after the first application, any advice?

Enquiry sent on 11.12.2015. The Xanthelasma has recurred 12 months after the first use of the XanthRemover. Can I still use it?

Enquiry sent on 12.12.2015. I applied as directed, I can see the improvement. Can you advice please?

Enquiry sent on 20.07.2016. How long before I can reapply?

What is the difference between the XanthRemover and the XanthRemover with Money back guarantee?

Enquiry received on 15.05.2017. What is the current satisfaction rate? Are you manufacturing the product yourself or are you a distributor? Is the product safe?.. after all the area is quite delicate…




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modified image

Xanthelasma on upper eyelid

Question:(I had) Xanthelasma for 3 years now. The area around my eyes are naturally dark and seems to be hereditary. Xanthelasma is not in (our) family. (I) Also have had red mark under right eye for 25 years. Could use your help. Let me know what you think.

Answer: Dear Enquirer. Thank you for sending us your pictures. Your Xanthelasma seem quite typical. The XanthRemover can remove your lesions easily. It may require a number of applications to have satisfactory results,but after each application you will be able to notice some improvement. If you would like to purchase the XanthRemover please feel free to do so online on https://xanthelasmaremoval.com/contact-us/buy-the-xanthremover/.

Should you have any further question please feel free to contact us.

Please note that we are not making any formal or informal diagnosis. For a formal diagnosis please contact your specialist.

Kind Regards

Customer Services




I have recently been looking at your website and was wondering if this is for me. Attached are a few photos. I have had these a few years now and I would like to have them removed. I have had one eye surgically done before many years ago but they have returned. I live in spain and is it still possible to send here and also what prices in pounds or euros. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards (Enquirer)


Dear Enquirer

Thank you for sending us your picturers. We have seen and removed many similar Xanthelasma using th XanthRemover. As you describe Xanthelasma can recur and many of our customers, like you have turned to us after seeing their Xanthelasma recur after laser treatments or surgical excision.

We have sold a good number of XanthRemover in Spain, and because of the demand from the spanish speaking countries we have made a dedicated website in Spanish (http://www.xantelasma.es/). So if you are in Spain feel free to purchase the product from our website and we will dispatch the product over to your your door step. The prices can be found on both XanthelasmaRemoval.com and  Xantelasma.es both in US Dollars and GBP.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Customer Services.




Hi please thats my photos of xanthelasma that I have. Please I really need xanthelasma removal for me please. I’m looking the cure for these xanthelasma for 4 years but I happy that I found you online. I hope you going to help me. Thanks (Enquirer).


Dear Equirer

Thank you for sending us your pictures. Your Xanthelasma appear to be very simple to be removed with the XanthRemover. So please feel free to order online.


Customer Services.




Enquiry sent on 25.11.2015



I have received my Xanthremover and starting the patch tests. You say to to apply below the chin area?? does this mean below the chin on the neck? or on the chin.



patch test below the chinThe arrow in the middle points to where the patch tests can be carried out. This is right below the chin.

Also the patch tests can be carried out on your wrists as explained  in the instructions.






Enquiry sent on 26.11.2015




Please can you send me the cost for the treatment.

We see you are sending your enquiry from the UK.
Therefore if you have been diagnosed with Xanthelasma feel free to purchase from:

Buy the XanthRemover in the UK






Enquiry sent on 30.11.2015

la foto 3
The order was placed through the Spanish Website Xantelasma.es.


Parece que las pruebas iniciales van bien.Tengo la siguiente pregunta: Cuando empiece con las aplicaciones de 20 minutos del Xanthremover en los Xantalasmas ¿será necesario aplicar alguna crema antibiótica tipo FUCIDINE CREAM para evitar una posible infección? Se lo digo pues en mis anteriores aplicaciones con acido trigoceatico el dermatólogo me receto esto por una semana.

Ponen también aplicar una protección total por tres meses ¿justo después de la aplicación o al terminar la última aplicacion?


It seems that the initial tests (patch tests) have gone well. I have the following question: When I start applying the XanthRemover for 20 minutes on my Xantalasma is it necessary to apply some antibiotic cream like FUCIDINE CREAM to avoid a possible infection? I ask because during my previous Tricholracetic Acid applications the dermatologist prescribed the use of this topical product for a week.

Also should I apply total sun protection for a total of three months, just after the application or after the last application?



Use of antibiotics

We have now have now removed hundreds of Xanthelasma using the XanthRemover. Although the likelihood of infection is always there, this can be simply minimised by keeping the area clean. After the several hundreds of xanthelasma we have not had a single case of infection known to us. The natural defences of the body usually take care of the healing process during the scabbing process.

In your past treatment using Tricholracetic Acid your Doctor may have prescribed you an antibiotic cream even if an infection was not developed as a precautionary measure. The tendency of prescribing antibiotics as a preventative measure has long spurred controversies, because it has long been argued that the prescription of antibiotic products in general, shall be used to cure infections and not as a preventative measure.

It has also been argued that antibiotic products should be used as last resort and only if the infection is already present. Additionally only the appropriate antibiotics shall be prescribed for the specific infection. The controversy of the the over prescription of antibiotics as arisen after it has been discovered that those those bacteria causing infections, develop antibiotic resistance after a number of exposures to a specific antibiotic, making future fights against the same bacteria harder and harder. This is because the surviving bacteria tend to develop a natural resistance to antibiotics which have been used in the past to fight them.

For this reason we unable to advise on the use of antibiotic product to fight a non existent infection. If an infection arises then your doctor can decide to prescribe an appropriate antibiotic product of your specific infection.

To read more about Bacterial resistance please Click Here.

Additionally we received a number of enquires in connection with the use of certain healing products during the scabbing process. We cannot recommend any healing products in particular, because they have to be specifically manufactured adhering to certain rules.  If you use the wrong product (Non Sterile) you can easily increase the risks of infections. DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT WHICH IS NOT EXPLICITLY SUGGESTED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS, INCLUDING ANTIHISTAMINES, OR ANYTHING ELSE UNLESS EXPLICITLY PRESCRIBED BY YOUR DOCTOR IN THE UNLIKELY CASE OF INFECTION OR ADVERSE EFFECT.


Use of Sun Protection:

During the scabbing process all you have to do is avoiding sun exposure and keep the are where you applied the XanthRemover clean. You should not use any product on the are you have treated during the scabbing process (unless an infection ha developed). Once the scabbing process is over then you must start wearing total sun screen on the area you have treated. Total sunscreen must  be worn everyday up until three months after the last application.

Tiny scabbing event on top left eyelid
Mild Scabbing apparent. The amount and depth of scabbing is directly proportional to the duration of the XanthRemover gel application.
Mild Scabbing apparent. The amount and depth of scabbing is directly proportional to the duration of the XanthRemover gel application.
Scabbing not apparent on the top right eyelid.



Enquiry following the first application:

Dos dias parte superior de los ojos y 1 dia parte inferior ojos
Encima del ojo izquierdo la costra ha sido superior al de la derecha
La siguiente aplicacion la voy a dar despues de 3 semanas pues tengo un evento el dia 22
que les parece? Gracias



Two days top eye and bottom eyes 1 day
The scabbing on the left eye has been more accentuated  than the one ofn the right eye.
I will reapply after three weeks because I have an event on the 22nd.
What do you think? Thank you



Thank you for your pictures. The have seen that the scabbing process was more accentuated on your left eye. This could be for two reasons:

  1. you may have kept the gel on for longer on the xanthelasma of the left eye.
  2. you may have washed your left part of your face more thoroughly therefore allowing deeper penetration of the active ingredients of the XanthRemover.

Remember that the longer you keep the gel on your Xanthelasma for the more the scabbing effects and the better results you will get after each application.



Enquiry sent on 05.12.2015


I have a very light case of xanthelasma under both eyes.
The dermatologist did not give me a Good feeling about being able to remove them since she suggested trying to remove the very smallest first before proceeding to attempt to remove the others in separate sessions and ending up only removing skin tags.
After visiting and studying your website, I am encouraged that through the use of your gel formulation, that I can remove them.  I believe I saw an option for $99 USD the first time I visited but I cannot find that option now.  Could you kindly point me to that option or did my eyes mislead me due to lateness of the hour?  Could you provide that option via the specific URL link?
Thank you for your assistance.


It is possible that the dermatologist took a small sample for a biopsy. In other cares they only remove a small part of it to see the results of the procedure before trying to removing all the Xanthelasma. This is usually done due to precautions because not everybody has practical experience in removing xanthelasma, despite the qualifications . After all Xanthelasma is a relatively rare condition. Therefore not everyone has has previous experience in removing them and they may not be usually prone to tell their clients.
To date we have removed several hundreds of Xanthelasma the world over therefore we are amply able to prove the Effectiveness and safety of the Xanthremover in removing Xanthelasma. We are also experts in the removal of Xanthelasma with other methods including the use of voltaic arcing (click here to see the video showing how to use voltaic arcing to remove Xanthelasma). Removing Xanthelasma is almost second nature and therefore very easy to us.
As the 99 USD option this has been discontinued. As you may know at the moment we offer two options, one for 199 USD and the other for 299 USD. Please place your order once you feel you are ready.




Enquiry sent on 09.12.2015

Can you help me remove my Xanthelasma?

Thank you for your pictures, we have helped people around the world remove just the type of Xanthelasma you are showing us. So please do not hesitate to place an order on-line and we will be more than happy to dispatch the XanthRemover.

Enquiry sent on 10.12.2015



I used your product recently on one of the Xanthelasma as described.
There was a temporary scab that cleared up after a few days, but no
noticeable reduction in the Xanthelasma. I left the solution on for 20
minutes. Any advice?


Sometimes despite a big chunk of the xanthelasma has peeled off after
the scabbing has taken place. The appearance of the xanthelasma
does not seem to have improved dramatically. If this occurs, this is
is generaly because most of the Xanthelasma are rooted deeply inside
your skin therefore, although you have removed a large chunk of
the Xanthelasma during the scabbing the part underneath the xanthelasma is
still present therefore you will find that there is some work to do.
This is one of the reasons why we provide more XanthRemover that necessary
in most cases, so that if you require multiple applications in order to
remove your Xanthelasma or you have Xanthelasma recurrence, then you
have plenty of product at your disposal to continue the treatment until you
are satisfied with the results.

If you would like to know more on this topic please read the page and watch the
video on how to apply the XanthRemover by Clicking Here.




Enquiry sent on 11.12.2015



Hi, I have purchased and used the previous version of the removal gel.

I am trying to apply the gel again as my Xanthelasma seems to appear again but it’s been a while since I opened the tub (kept in a cool place).
So I just want to ask is the previous version supposed to be in sticky liquid form or hard gel?



The gel consistency of the previous version of the XanthRemover held for 12 months after opening of he jar.

The new formulation  has a longer lifespan after the first use. However the use by date after opening of the product is still 12 months. So, if you have some recurrence issues after 12 months from the first use of the product please feel free to reorder.






Enquiry sent on 12.12.2015

Xanthelasma Before
Xanthelasma Dusring Scabbing
Xanthelasma during Scabbing, after a XanthRemover full application


Xanthelasma after scabbing
Xanthelasma after the first XanthRemover full application.


Hi I started my treatment. Carried out patch tests, no adverse affects! Following the instructions, been treated twice now. 5 minutes first time, 20 minutes second time. I’m amazed it’s starting to work, scanned over at the moment! I can see an improvement, not completely gone yet, but both xanthelasma’s have started to diminish. I think I will probably need 1-2 more sessions before they are gone. Can you please give me some feed back on how you see it going.



Dear Customer, thank you for your enquiry. What you show us is very typical of the Xathelasma removal process using our XanthRemover.

If the Xanthelasma are particularly shallow you can see a noticeable imporvement after the first full application. This is exactly what happens in the majority of the cases (90%). In small percentage of cases (less than 10%), even if a big chunk of the Xanthelasma has gone during the scabbing process the difference is not easily noticeable after the first full application. This is because the xanthelasma may be rooted quite deeply into the skin. In your case it seems therefore the Xanthelasma are quite shallow, therefore 3 to 4 applications should easily remove your Xanthelasma.

Once again thank you for your enquiry and please keep sending us your upto date pictures. Remember that if one you removed your Xanthelasma would like your money back, all you need to do is just sending us your video testimonial.



Enquiry sent on 20.07.2016


I already used xanth remover and its been three days now.
The wound begin to healed and do i have to wait until its completely healed or can i apply another blob of xanthremover?
How long the healing process so i can apply another xanthremover.
Thank you.


It usually takes 2 weeks for the area to heal completely. It is advisable you wait at least three weeks between treatments. Therefore you can apply the next blob of XanthRemover three weeks after the previous application provided that the area has healed well.



Recurrent Question.

What is the difference between the XanthRemover and the XanthRemover with Money back guarantee?

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