Xanthelasma Prevention

How to prevent Xanthelasma from reappearing?

The only way to prevent Xanthelasma from reoccurring is by:

  • Keeping your cholesterol levels low. This is done by eating less and eliminating meat consumption
  • Eating fish instead of meat
  • Eating a high proportion of fruit and vegetable
  • Exercising regularly
  • Keeping your BMI as low as possible
  • Leading a stress free life
  • No smoking


Leading a healthy lifestyle does considerably lower the chances of Xanthelasma to reappear after removal.

Unfortunately it is not known why certain individuals experience Xanthelasma recurrence despite conducting a healthy lifestyle and keeping low cholesterol levels. In many cases genetics play an important role in the formation of Xanthelasmas. Therefore all you can do is keeping as healthy of a lifestyle as you possibly can and do not stress if they reoccur.

It has been reported that applying Garlic Slices  once a week does avoid the Xanthelasmas recurrence. Apparently the area where the Xanthelasma usually appear needs to be covered by a slice of Garlic for 10 minutes. The Slice must be cut in half so that the juice will be in direct contact with the skin around the eyes. The following day the skin will redden and swell, allegedly this has prevented Xanthelasma from recurring. Please note that there is no scientific evidence to corroborate the efficacy of this method, however Garlic is harmless and inexpensive and hence worth a try!

After all if the Xanthelasma reappear all you can do is to have them treated again, and this is easy and inexpensive.


John Karls (London)

I would like to say thank you to the people from Xanthelasmaremoval. They have been very efficient and they managed to remove my Xanthelasmas. I received the XanthRemover 2 weeks after ordering it. Two months later my Xanths had gone.

You s...

Anna Coomes (Edinburgh, UK)

I had my Xanthelasmas removed with different lasers over the years. Every time they reappeared I knew it would have cost another few thousand pounds and most of all the inconvenience. I seemed doomed to live with these things and have them removed...

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The XanthRemover

Good Manufacturing Practice

The XanhRemover is manufactured, labeled and packaged by an European ISO 22716 approved Lab on Areton Ltd's behalf. The XanthRemover is a cosmetic peel with the sole intended use of Removing Xanthelasma. The XanthRemover does not contain any medicine or medication of any sort.The XanthRemover is a cosmetic peel specialised to remove Xanthelasmas by progressive exfoliation.
Xanthelasma is a benign growth only removed for cosmetic reasons.

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