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How to apply the XanthRemover

The XanthRemover is  a specialized cosmetic peel and customized to remove your Xanthelasma. The XanthRemover  is very easy to apply. Please note that the following does not apply to TCA and we have stopped using it in the XanthRemover. The effects of TCA are generally more difficult to control than the types of peel used in the XanthRemover.

  • How the customized Peel XanthRemover can be applied
  • What are the effects produced by a particularly mild formulation on these benign lesions

The Xanthelasma of this customer was not particularly thick and therefore there is no need for the formulation to contain any TCA. The Xanthelasma underneath the left eye is evident, however, there is also a little formation of fat appeared on the lower part of the lower eyelid.


In some cases when the best solution for Xanthelasma removal is the use of TCA, it is advisable to add “melding” additives in order to make the formulation as safe as possible. This is because TCA is not very easy to control and it has been partially restricted in certain countries

This is the classic case of Xanthelasma in an individual, aged between 30 and 40 years. As many other cases, in the classic case the Xanthelasma are not correlated to high Cholesterol levels.


Xanthelasma Before, Angled Picture

Xanthelasma Before, Angled Picture

Xanthelasma Before

Two Xanthelasma on the Left eye

After treating many female customers, we have found a good number of patients who have reported the development of the condition soon after giving birth to their first or second child.

In the picture above, two Xanthelasma are prominent on the client’s left eye. The typical Xanthelasma on the eyelid close to the corner of the eyes and another on the lower eyelid also close to the corner of the eye.


Applied blob

Very Small Xanthelasma on the Lower corner of the Right Eye

How to apply

There are 2 main ingredients one is  Glycolic acid  and the second one is Vitamin A. The client applied a blob on every Xanthelasma as shown in the right side picture. It is important to apply a small blob and leave it on the lesion for a period of time.

Depending on the Xanthelasma, type of formulation and skin type, we instruct the customer to keep the blob for a length of time varying from 10 minutes to complete absorption (1 hour).

The longer the gel is kept on the lesion the stronger the peeling effects. Please note that TCA solutions bought from other sources do require the use of Neutralizers after a certain length of time after the application


IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO STAND UPRIGHT WHEN APPLYING THE BLOB. This is because gravity could have the blob to slip down to places where it should not go. Therefore, we recommend to lie down at all the time while you have your XanthRemover blob on. In some cases, depending on where the xanthelasma are located lying down may not be the best option.

Remember, as a general rule, that gravity has to point towards the xanthelasma so that the blob will be naturally kept in place and not slip elsewhere.

We highly recommend having someone else to apply the XanthRemover blob for you. If you have Xanthelasma on the upper eyelids, it is very important to KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT over the length of the entire application. This is because if you accidentally open your eyelids the blob could spread to other areas where it should not go.

Once again, it is important that you are not alone while you have the small blob on because the other person can supervise the cosmetic treatment and monitor whether the blob is still where it should be (on the Xanthelasma). The other person will, therefore, help you by monitoring the gel and keep a clean cotton cloth at hand and make sure the gel does not slip anywhere else.
In case of the gel escapes, the other person can wipe it off immediately. Also, given that most likely you need to keep your eyes shut during the peeling with the XanthRemover, the other person can help you in case you need anything, like bringing you water or whatever else you need.

Moreover, the other person can reduce the length of the cosmetic peel period  and wipe the gel off, at the right time, as stated in the instructions.

Xanthelasma As the Xanthemover had Just been wiped off

We requested this client to deliberately wipe off the gel after a predetermined length of time. This was to stop the peeling effect.

In the above picture, you can see the customer soon after the XanthRemover had been wiped off and the peeling deliberately stopped. This was possible because the formulation was not TCA based.

Xanthelalasma 3 hours after the Ablation using the XanthRemover

This is the picture of the Xanthelasma, in which XanthRemover formulation was wiped off after three hours. It is clearly possible to note that the area where the XanthRemover was previously applied had started reddening. This is a very normal reaction. However, the patient never experienced any swelling because the formulation we used was not TCA based. Normally the use of any TCA based formulation cause also swelling of the area treated not possible to note with the use of this particular formulation.

Xanthelasma One Day After the use of the XanthRemover

One day later, the area where the XanthRemover formulation was applied showed further reddening. However no swelling. When using TCA based formulations, the swelling starts to appear the following day after the application and lasts up to one week.

Three Days After Using the XanthRemover

Only three days after the application of the XanthRemover the reddening had started to disappear and the area to heal.

Xannthelasma 3 Weeks after the Ablation uning the XanthRemover

Three weeks after the application, all Xanthelasma disappeared. with exception of the left lower eyelid, that is still visible with some traces of the previous lesion.

Xanthelasma 3 weeks after using the XanthRemover

In this picture, it is easy to note how the previous Xanthelasma on the left upper eyelid had disappeared. Of course, it is possible to noted that the area where the Xanthelasma was could be mistaken for a scar, however, this is, of course, the new skin that had regrown which has not been pigmented by sun exposure as yet. In this picture, it is possible to understand how a single application may not be sufficient to eliminate the Xanthelasma completely

Xanthelasma Removed

After a total of four applications the Xanthelasma was removed leaving no trace.

What our client says


I purchased your gel online and I am amazed by your customer service. You answered all the questions I had, now the ugly yellow spots are gone.

All I had to do is emailing you the picture and follow your instructions.

Many Thanks

Tracy Petersons (USA)

Thank you for the product, and it works!!

Rena Filipina Pontes

Thank you for sending me the XanthRemover. It was very easy, now my Xanthelasmas are gone!! The other clinics were so expensive…

Alice Brooks (New Zealand)
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