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XanthRemover The Professional Peel At Home

Same or Better skin peels results without spending thousands at cosmetic clinics. Tried and tested, Proven Efficacy the World Over and Most of All SAFE!

If you like the results of the deep peels you get done at cosmetic clinics, the XanthRemover saves you tons of money and time and delivers better results as many times as you want and from the comfort of your own home.

Thousands of people the world over have benefited from this amazing Professional cosmetic peel which delivers  better results at home than those peels done at expensive cosmetic clinics.

Also imagine what you can do with a product that gives you better peeling results from home than you would get at expensive cosmetic clinics but from the comfort of your own home and in complete safety.

One of the main advantages of the XanthRemover is that it is an amazing cosmetic peel which produces mostly better results than other peels that you get done at expensive cosmetic clinics.

The XanthRemover as 2020 has a new enhanced formulation which has made the product even better as a cosmetic peel at home. Its thickness is honey like and thicker than any other product on the market.

This formulation makes this product ideal for home use in order to deliver the same or better results than other expensive cosmetic professional peels used at cosmetic clinics.

This is because:

  1. The XanthRemvoer has been formulated with Safety in mind first.
  2. The XanthRemover has been used by thousands of people the world overwithout a single adverse reaction.
  3. The XanthRemover has been used by thousands of people to remove their Xanththelasma on the upper and lower eyelids one of the most delicate parts of the face.
  4. The XanthRemover is suitable for all skin types from 1 to 6 Fitzpatrick thanks to its formulation
  5. The XanthRemover has a 70% concentration but it delivers better results than other cosmetic peels in liquid formulations which are used at cosmetic clinics.
  6. The main festure of the XanthRemover as a cosmetic peel is that you can control the ablative effects onto your skin by controlling the timing of application. The longer you keep the XanthRemoveron your skin the deeper the  skin ablation the deeper the effect of the xanthremoer on the skin and the better the peeling effects. Other peels at cosmetic clinics cannot be used in the same way because of their liquid formulation.  The Liquid formulation will have the peel to dry off relative quickly and the effects will stop as soon as the peel has dried off.
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