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Xanthelasma Removal

If you thought you have to pay thousands to get rid of your Xanthelasma, we have great news! Now you can do it by simply visiting this website and learn all about the latest treatments available to safely remove your Xanthelasma.

What is this website for?

The primary mission of this website is to help you removing your Xanthelasma without leaving any scar. It does not matter whether you use any of our products or not. The most important thing is that you will get the information you are asking from us.

Or if you have information that you think is valuable you can even add the information by emailing it to us. This website have thousands of monthly visitors from the world, so you will contribute to help thousands of people suffering from Xanthelasma.

Also, we are constantly updating this website with information about how to treat your Xanthelasmas and also Xanthelasma as a mere medical condition including Xanthomas. So you can come back just to understand and enrich your knowledge about these conditions.

Xanthelasma are not lesions that you need to live with for very long because they can be safely removed. There are people from many ethnic origins who suffer from Xanthelasmas and they have different preferences when it comes to treating Xanthelasma:

Some people affected by Xanthelasma prefer to leave this job to specialists with the best experience and expertise.

  • Most cost effective because the treatment is less expensive than any other treatment with lasers or any other medical equipment.
  • Safest because it is tried, tested and customised by our specialists (especially to your skin type) to remove your Xanthelasmas without leaving any scar. It is also formulated as a Gel to prevent drips during the application on your Xanthelasmas.
  • Comfortable because you can do it at home as the XanthRemover will be sent to you by mail. All you need to do is order the XanthRemover online and also send us as many clear pictures as possible of your Xanthelasmas by email.

A description of your own story will also help to assess your case as well, but it is not strictly required. Our Specialists will assess your case and prescribe and have your XanthRemover custom-made to your condition and skin-type. Then the XanthRemover will be dispatched to you.

There is a second group of people who still prefer to have their Xanthelasma surgically removed.
This is can be done without leaving any scar as well. However, although the end results are the same, the costs are many times higher than using the XanthRemover or other appropriate peels. The prices range between 2000 and 4000 USD depending on where you are in the world.

Unfortunately these higher costs do not mean better results, and on top of it the chances of scarring are dependant on the ability of the operator. Should you still prefer to opt for cosmetic surgery, at Areton we also provide free Xanthelasma removal for Clinical studies

If you reside in UK, just email your pictures and we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to be part in our studies, however please note that we will require to publish your pictures as well as the results in our websites after the free removal.

DIY Xanthelasma Treatment

These are people who want to treat their Xanthelasmas as cheaply as possible. Should prefer to go down this route, we provide all the information for you to do it yourself, and we provide it free of charge! You can read the information and go-to source the ingredients yourself from your local Chemist, eBay, Amazon or anywhere else you like. Then you can go ahead and treat the Xanthelasmas yourself. These are treatments that do work and many people have removed their Xanthelasma successfully this way. However, we recommend to always seek specialists’ advice before purchasing peels yourself to remove your Xanthelasma. Although we offer this service included in the price of the XanthRemover it does not matter whether you use our specialists or others’, as long as you are advised properly.

If you prefer to go down this route, you have to check the best peel formulation to remove your xanthelasma. This is because each case of Xanthelasma and skin type is different and each should be treated differently.

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