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About Us

The XanthRemover business is managed in the UK and the company is Areton Limited Registered in Nottingham.

Before the introduction of the XanthRemover into the market, Xanthelasma Removal was possible with lasers, radio surgery equipment, the BeautyTeck etc, but all these treatments  were still too expensive. Therefore we formulated a spacialised peel solution for Xanthelasma Removal and nothing else. This was done to make Xanthelasma Removal truly affordable and SAFE to everyone
who has Xanthelasma around the world.

Despite the fact that Xanthelasma Removal was possible by using the BeautyTeck and other similar equipment, Areton invested in the XanthRemover because the Company recognized the tremendous added value of the XanthRemover.  After all, before the introduction of the XanthRemover, the only options available to Xanthelasma sufferers were surgical excision, concealment using make up or specialized peels only in specialized and expensive clinics.

Additionally, treatments in clinics were expensive because they could only be safely carried out by using expensive medical or cosmetic equipment operated by  experienced clinicians.

The unique formulations, the ingredients quality and the gel-like consistency of the XanthRemover has made treating Xanthelasma very easy and most of all safe. This solution has allowed successful treatment of Xanthelasma at home.

The XanthRemover, the origins…

In 2005 a a travelling pharmaceutical salesman become affected by Xanthelasma. He badly wanted to to have his Xanthelasma treated and successfully removed not only as a cosmetic necessity but also because this condition affected his confidence at work as he was constantly meeting clients.

After a couple of months of research he found a surgeon able to use surgical lasers and had experience in removing Xanthelasma. Mark underwent cosmetic surgery under local anesthetic. Unfortunately, to his unpleasant surprise, this treatment led to mild scaring due an error during surgery. Fortunately the scarring was hardly noticeable and he felt he was better off keeping the mild scars rather than keeping the Xanthelasma.

Not long after the surgery, his brother and sister both became affected by Xanthelasma as well. In the light of his previous experience Mark resolved to help his relatives get rid of this unpleasant condition.

This time he dismissed the possibility of proposing his close relatives to undergo laser excision.

He spent a few days consulting various research papers and realized that excision was not the best option for a safe and effective Xanthelasma treatment and removal due to the high costs and risks associated with surgical procedurese.

He found instead that cosmetic peels were a much safer, cheaper and easier way to treat Xanthelasma. He also found that strong peels were successfully used in many clinics to treat Xanthelasma.  Therefore he tried a few different types of cosmetic peels on both his brother and sister to find the best peel solutions that could remove all Xanthelasma in the safest possible way and requiring the least number of treatments. Areton took Mark’s idea as well as the well established use of specialized peels for Xanthelasma removal and made it into a safe-to-use solution for all the Xanthelasma sufferers in the world.

We have now several different gel peel formulations in stock ready to be shipped to our customers worldwide, no medicines are used!

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