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Xanthelasma Removed in Singapore

Our Xanthelasma Removal service has a world-wide reach. We removed Xanthelasma the world over. This is a customer from Singapore.

Xanthelasma Before the XanthRemover

Xanthelasma Before the XanthRemover

We are now moving away from TCA based formulations for Xanthelasma removal. This is because some of our customers found TCA too aggressive. Therefore after many clinical trials, we developed less aggressive formulations without the need for TCA. Our formulations selectively destroy the fat deposits in the Xanthelasma. We still send TCA formulations, but only from time to time, and only in those cases when the skin type permits it.

Mr. Theng in Singapore purchased the XanthRemover online selecting the full money back guarantee. The majority of our customers select the least expensive option, click here for details

Once he received it his custom formulation, he applied it at home as instructed by Areton. These are the pictures taken only a few days after the first and only application.

Only a few days after the Custom XanthRemover Application

As it is obvious there is no swelling (always a common denominator of laser treatment) and the ablation is very superficial and affecting only the old fat deposits.

This particular formulation targets the undesired Fat Deposits

This is all thanks to the Customized NON-TCA based Xanthremover. As it is possible to appreciate from these pictures the old fat deposits have been replaced by the new skin which has no pigmentation. Over time these hypopigmentations will disappear due to normal sun exposure.

The ablation is very superficial

This shows how the correct use of the right formulation does not require the expensive and invasive surgery for safe removal of Xanthelasma