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Xanthelasma removed without TCA

We are supplying TCA peels only in very rare cases because we found that TCA is too aggressive for too many skin types. The use of TCA increases the risks of post hyper pigmentation and it is also difficult to control.

Richard placed an order online on our website.

Pictures Before the Treatment

He told us that he had undergone laser surgery in the past and the Xanthelasma had come back. In these above pictures which Richard sent us via email, the Xanthelasma are evident and not very thick. In the pictures, the classic Xanthelasma is clearly visible on the right eye.

Treatmemt Effect Day By Day

Only a 2 days after the Custom XanthRemover Application

If a TCA based formulation is used the peel will almost inevitably cause swelling. In this case Richard did not experience any swelling. As seen in the picture above of the right eye the chemical ablation did not cause any swelling

This particular formulation targets the undesired Fat Deposits
This is all thanks to the Customized NON-TCA based Xanthremover. As it is possible to appreciate from these pictures the old fat deposits start removing. Over time these hypopigmentations will disappear due to normal sun exposure.

Four Days After Using the XanthRemover

Only four days after the application of the XanthRemover the reddening had started to disappear and the area to heal.

Xanthelasma 3 weeks after using the XanthRemover

In the above picture, after the area had recovered, there is the usual hypo-pigmentation of the area treated with the XanthRemover. This is not to be confused with scarring as hypo-pigmentation, after a few weeks, naturally blends in leaving no trace of the treatment.

This shows how the correct use of the right formulation does not require the expensive and invasive surgery for safe removal of Xanthelasma