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Basic instructions for the use of the XanthRemover in a Cosmetic Clinic

Please note that these instructions only apply for face and neck peels performed at cosmetic clinics and by professional aesthetic personnel. These do not apply these instructions to the upper eyelids and under eyelids.

The first step is to get accustomed to the XanthRemover as a Cosmetic peel on your own skin. First of all use the XanthRemover as a cosmetic peel on your face and other parts of the body before using it on your Clients. This will show you the way the XanthRemover works on the skin in general and the difference between the XanthRemover and the other professional skin peels solutions.

Once you have used it enough times on yourself then you can go ahead an use it in a professional setting.

  1. Cleansing the skin. This is the most important part of the treatment because only the cleansing will get rid of the protective layer of the skin.
  2. The use acetone can be optional. Apply acetone onto the skin to further remove any protective layer that cannot be removed by cleansing. The effect of the acetone is enhancing the ablative effects oft he XanthRemver once later applied ont he skin. Only use Acetone as a skin preparation if you want to enhance the effects of the XanthRemover. Alternatively Dermaplaning can also be carried out to the same effect.
  3. Apply the XanthRemover gel using your fingertips. No need for brushes as this is a thick gel.
  4. Regulate the Timing of the application based on the desired peeling results. The timing of application vary between 30 to 2 hours depending on the type of peel you want to perform.
  5. With this peel you can choose to either have the client to remove the XanthRemover once they are at home or they can wait at your clinic.
  6. Apply aftercare immediately after the peel has been rinsed off. Note that the best time to apply the aftercare is immediately after the peel.

Please void applying the XanthRemover on upper and lower eyelids when performing the facial peel. This is because the timing of application on the lower eyelid area is different from the other areas of the skin.


What is the difference in applying the XanthRemover at home and in a cosmetic clinic?

At cosmetic clinics the aesthetic practitioner has a number of tools at her/his disposal which makes the results much better than what they can get at home on their own within one application.

The basic difference is twofold:

  1. The aesthetic practitioner knows already the way the XanthRemover works and its effects on the skin based on the training the XanthRemover comes with and the experience of the aesthetic practitioner has with the product. Therefore like with any other professional cosmetic peel the aesthetic practitioner is in a position or authority in respect of the use of this product and its effects.
  2. Secondly the Aesthetic practitioner can achieve results with the clients which the clients themselves cannot achieved on their own within a single application. This is due to the prepping of the skin before the application of the XanthRemover.   The use of acetone or dermaplaning is not an option for the client on their own usually and this enhances the penetration of the glycolic acid into the skin .


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