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General Introduction and Instructions

Professional skin peels at cosmetic clinics are charged usually starting from 100 dollars per session or over. This high costs are justified by the amazing results professional skin peels bring about, they deliver truly outstanding results in terms of  Skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction,  sun spots removal and several other applications in aesthetics. This is the justification for the high prices of this type of cosmetic professional treatments, it is because they provide value for money.

With our high grade Glycolic acid Gel, alongside the information in this book you will be equipped with all the tools to achieve the same results, that you would in a cosmetic clinic, but in your own time and at home. Today the XanthRemover brings you home the same results you only achieve at cosmetic clinics but from the comfort of your home and at a tiny fraction of the price. The XanthRemover brings you the know-how as well as the professional grade peel to achieve the results you want from the comfort of your own home.

The XanthRemover has the same characteristics of professional grade Skin Peels used in cosmetic clinics. It is designed for cosmetic clinics  use as well as for home use. To this day several cosmetic clinics use it in their aesthetic practices.

The typical number of full skin peel face applications, you get out of one 30 ml tube , with the XanthRemover is 20. Therefore at current rates you can expect a deliverable value of well over US 2000 dollars with a single XanthRemover. Depending on the application you are using it for the delivered value of this High Grade cosmetic peel well exceeds 2000 USD like in the case of Xanthelasma Removal, Syringoma revmoval etc.   This does not account for the time required for travelling to the clinics, consultation fees etc.

Application of Specialised High Grade Glycolic acid Gels like the XanthRemover 

Xanthelasma Removal, Syringoma Removal
XanthRemover Applications

The applications of deep peels using this type pf high grade glycolic acid gel are:

  • Upper Eyelid Tightening when the  chemical peel is performed on the upper eyelids.
  • Lower eyelid tightening when the chemical peel is performed on the lower eyelid area.
  • Crows feet attenuation when the chemical peel is performed on the area around the eyes.
  • Overall skin rejuvenation and wrinkles attenuation when performed on the overall face
  • Sun Spots removal through exfoliation.
  • Age spots removal.through exfoliation.
  • Syringoma Removal.
  • Stretch marks removal.
  • Acne scar attenuation through Chemical Peel.
  • Chicken pox Scar attenuation through Chemical Peel.

Why is understanding and following the instructions of use very important when you are using high grade Glycolic acid Gel peels.

Over the years we have sold several thousands of high grade  Glycolic Acid Gel peels the world over and we received very good feedback from the majority of our customers (90% or over), however at the very fringe (10% or less) we receive very  mixed feedback. Although the vast majority of the feedback is excellent( which gave us the confidence of providing the full money back guarantee), there has always been fringe extreme feedback. A minority of people said that the product burned their skin and others said it had no effect whatsoever (no burn no peeling nothing). How is that possible? A minority of people say it is so string that it is dangerous while others say it does nothing… There are several contributing factors to this. The main one is the modality of use of the product . Depending on how you use the product you will have very different results. But the other factor is the type of skin the product is used on.   Some people do not perform the patch tests which are designed to teach the user the effects of the product on their particular kin type. Invariably some people skip this process and go ahead and apply the product on their eyelids for example for one hour and they then end up with swollen eyelids for a while and they get worried. Others are extremely cautious and they only apply the product for 10 minutes at a time and they get frustrated at the lack of results. So understanding the instructions and taking your time to familiarise with the way this type of potent Glycolic acid gel works is imperative.

High grade (70% Glycolic acid Gels) are very potent skin ablators and as such they have to be used with as much care and experience as possible. This type of product is very similar to any other professional aesthetic  instrument for skin ablation. This type of product can produce very different outcomes based on how it is used and the type of skin it is used on. Despite the detailed  information on the instructions some very tiny minority of people (10% to 5% of our customer base) overlook the patch testings and apply it only for 10 minutes while others leave it on the area for hours obtaining very different results. The ones who apply it only for 10 minutes do not usually experience any effects and they complain the product is not working and those who apply it for hours sometimes complain the product is too strong and they feel the product has burned them.  As you will see later on also a very minority of the people using this type of gel although they have applied on the area for hours they experience very little burn and exfoliation this is because some skin types are very oily. Said that the vast majority (90% or over) of our customer base is able to follow the introductions and trouble shoot should things not go as planned.

Why patch testing and why it is so important?

High-Grade Glycolic acid gel peels are potent ablators. The degree of the burn depends on three factors:

1 the duration of the applications

2 The area Of the application, What part of the skin the gel has been applied on.

3 the amount of oil on the skin.

Therefore there are no possible set instructions for this product that would suit every application and every person in the same way. Everyone has a different skin type and therefore a different reaction to the High-Grade Glycolic Acid for his/her own particular aesthetic application.

Once you have completed the patch testing procedure you will have a basic understanding of how the cosmetic chemical peel works on you particular type of skin and the area of the body where you have applied it during the patch test.

Therefore the patch testing is used as a training ground for you to understand how the product works on your specific skin type and on the area you intend to apply it.

In Case of upper eyelid tightening, for example, one person can achieve the desired exfoliation results without any particular degreasing and only 40 minutes of application, while someone else might require degreasing with vinegar and 1-hour application to achieve the desired exfoliation results.


Duration of the Application and the effects on the skin. 

In a traditional cosmetic chemical peel, the aesthetic practitioner (or dermatologist) uses a  neutralizer after a specific length of time to stop the ablation effects of the chemical peel solution. Usually, the Chemical peel is a relatively potent acid and the neutralizer is a base.   On the other hand when applying a  think gel the process is different.  There is no need for a neutralizer the ablative effects of the peel are simply stopped by washing the area with water.

The effects of High-Grade Glycolic acid gels are application time-dependent. Generally the longer the chemical peel is applied to the skin the deeper the effects.

It is very important to understand that there is no set time for the application of High Grade Glycolic Acid peels. This is because the application time depend son several factors

The type of application

The Skin type and

How many applications the user would like to go through to achieve the desired results.

The Skin type is one of the main reasons for not being possible to have set treatments duration. To some people, for example, one application of 30 minutes can achieve the desired results in one session, while someone else may not even experience any exfoliation whatsoever.


What area of the skin the gel has been applied on. 

Different areas of the skin have different modalities of application. For example, the upper eyelid area is more delicate and experiences not only exfoliation but also swelling that is not confined to the upper eyelid area. Whereas if the gel is used for stretch mark attenuation or acne scar attenuation the area of application usually is far less delicate than the upper eyelid area.

Therefore there are areas more delicate that exfoliate and react differently than others and the modality of application differs accordingly. Also the effects on

The amount of oil on the skin (Sebum) and the  Glycolic Acid Ablative effects.

Naturally, the skin produces an oily layer that protects it from the outside world. This is called the sebum barrier. This substance act as a protector from the external world, and the skin produces it continuously. This Sebum barrier also acts as a very effective barrier to chemical peels.

In simpler terms the skin has a layer of oily grease barrier that is meant to protect the skin from the weather and different agents. These layer also protect the skin from the ablative effects of glycolic acid.

If you go to the dermatologist’s office to have a professional chemical peel treatment, what you will find is that the Cosmetic Practitioner of Dermatologist will use different techniques to degrease the skin before applying the the chemical peel.

Different people produce different amounts of sebum on their skin. Therefore different people present different results to the same product application done similarly. For example, person A could have a very high degree of exfoliation when the high-grade gel is applied for 30 minutes while the same duration of application on person B has no apparent effect whatsoever. This happens very often. Each person’s skin reaction can dramatically differ from another. Some people experience a high degree of ablation or exfoliation while others’s minimal exfoliation after the same timing of high grade glycolic acid gel application.

Please note that even if you do not believe your skin is oily it may still be rich in sebum and may have intrinsic barrier protection that you do not know about. In other words, it is not always possible to assess the degree of natural sebum protection your skin has. It will become apparent only after you started to apply the high-Grade Glycolic acid gel.

Additionaly this layer of Sebum is not distributed evenly on the skin. This layer of grease protection is not evenly distributed on anyone’s skin. Some areas have more and some have less. If you apply the high-Grade Glycolic acid gel on the skin without decreasing it then you will see how certain areas exfoliate more than others. It is as if the exfoliation occurs in patches. This aslo happens when you attempt to degrease the skin by simply applying soap and water.


How to prepare the skin for exfoliations with the High-Grade Glycolic Acid Gel 70% Like the XanthRemover.

It is very important to prepare the skin or the area where you want to apply the High Grade Glycolic acid gel so that you have the desired skin exfoliation effects. The most important part of the preparation is the de-greasing of the skin. This is when you get rid of the sebum on the skin. There are various degrerees of preparation of the skin before this the application of High Grade Glycolic Acid gels. The type of skin preparation depends on the results that the person wants to achieve and the type of skin.

Levels of skin degrease or sebum removal:

1 wash with soap and water

2 Applying vinegar after having washed the area with water.

3 Applying acetone after having washed the area with soap and water.

1 Washing with soap and water. The first degree of preparation is a simple skin wash with normal soap, normal soap nothing special. This is the most basic preparation were the upper most part of the subum (the skin protective layer) is removed. However soap and water never remove the sebum completely.  There is always a layer of sebum that protects the skin after a simple wash with water. Said that, there is a very big difference between applying the High Grade Glycolic acid gel before and after washing the area with sap and water.

2. The application of vinegar. Vinegar is one of the most ancient and natural ways to degrease the skin. This is done in case the simple washing of the skin with soap and water is not sufficient to achieve the desired degreasing results. This is done by simply using a cotton pad impregnated with vinegar and rubbing it against the skin a number of times. After this procedure you can go ahead and apply the High Grade Glycolic acid gel.

3. Applying Acetone. This is a very common skin degreasing technique used in cosmetic clinics before applying any professional skin peels on the skin. This is the most extreme way to degrease the skin (removing the sebum from the skin) and it leases the skin in a very vulnerable state and very prone to the effects of  the chemical peel. This is when the deepest peeling effects are achieved.

So what is the best skin degree of preparation for high grade Glycolic Acid Gels? 

When we refer to skin preparation before the use of High Grade Glycolic Acid Chemical peels we refer to the process of degreasing of the skin (or sebum removal) from the skin. This is the main objective of the preparation of the skin.

The degree of skin degreasing before the application of High Grade Glycolic Acid Peels depends on:

1 the type of application,

2 the types of results you want to achieve after each application and

3 the type of skin you have.

Type of Application. Skin preparation depending on the type of application.  Depending on the application you intend to use the High Grade Glycolic Acid Gel for, the skin preparation defers. This is because different applications require different degree of chemical ablation. Additionally,  the area of application of the High Grade Glycolic Acid differs depending on the application. For example Xanthelasma removal is usually performed on the upper eyelids while sun spots removal on other less sensitive parts of the skin. The upper eyelids are more delicate than the cheeks on your face where the sun spots might be. Obviously the cheek area is less sensitive than the upper eyelids.  So different types of Glycolic acid applications require different types of skin preparation. In

For example Acne scar attenuation is performed on an area of the skin where the sebum (the natural  protection layer of the skin) is more prevalent and the peeling results required are generally more intense.  Whereas in  upper eyelid tightening for example the peeling required  is much milder therefore usually preparation by simply washing twice with soap and water should suffice in general. (ie seborreic Keratosis removal, Acne scar attenuation eyelid tightening etc).

In general, if you are prepared to have deep skin peels then the skin preparation is different from the light skin peel required for upper eyelid tightening for example.

2 The types of results you want to achieve after each application. In other words how many applications you would like to go through to achieve the desired results.  For example if you want to achieve more dramatic results within one application, then the skin preparation may require a more intense degrease with vinegar or acetone rather than only a simple wash up with soap and water. On the contrary if you want to be more cautious and want to spread out the treatments in multiple sessions to achieve the desired results you can simply wash the area with soap and water before the full application.

3 The type of skin you have. Different skin types react to High Grade Glycolic Acid in very different ways. This is dependant from skin tone or skin colour and whether the kin is oily or not. The more oily the skin the more degreasing is required, the dryer the skin the less degreasing is required.  Also the skin types 2 are the most resistent to the effects of Glycolic acid, while skin types 4, 5 to 6 are the more sensitive to the ablative effects of Glycolic acid.


When you are using a high grade Glycolic acid gel at home you can indeed use it very safely without any worry as long as you are relatively cautious. This is why we have designed the patch testing procedure prior to the use of any of our High Grade Glycolic acid gels.


When you start performing your first full applications on the high Grade Glycolic Acid gel then you will start experiencing various types of  skin exfoliation based on , the duration of the application, the area of the skin you have applied it on, the amount of sebum left on your skin.

For example you can find that a 30 minutes application if sufficient to achieve your desired skin exfoliation on the area you applied it, but someone elese could find that the exfoliation after a 1 and a half hour application is still not sufficient. Therefore the past testing is designed to gove you an indea and it is a good training ground for you to realise that how the skin peel works on your skin.


Maximum Length of application and customer service on our Glycolic Acid Gel.

Since the huge success of our product and its widespread use all over the world we now have tens of thousands of products used the world over.

At the beginning of our business in 2013 with the XanthRemover we were able to provide personalized assistance since the price of this customised product was 300 USD each. This allowed us enough resources to provide assistance over the phone, video calls, email etc. The length of application was dependent on the formulation made for that individual and his/her skin reaction throughout the patch testing which we were monitoring at the time. Because we were able to follow in detail each user and because the amount of the information we had the time on each customer, we were able to provide a personalized service and advise on the length of application for each person and each type of application.

Since 2020 the XanthRemover and all other products we manufacture have become a standardised to reduce costs and increse efficacy for more and more people around the world. For our Glycolic acid gel peel this has been done through the the several trials over the years, and now we have been able to make one formulation and lower the costs significantly. Therefore the XanthRemover is now a standard product which you have to learn how to use on your own skin and on your particular type of condition which you intend to treat.

Today since the formulation has been perfected and sold in thousands over the world and we have developed a new protocol where the user will learn through the patch testing the effects of the product on their own skin and for their own preferred application. We do not have the information necessary to assess each skin reaction for each particular user and for each application. Therefore the maximum length of application as well as the pre-treatment of the skin is left to to be determined by the users themselves. We still provide advice and very good customer service but this is provided only and exclusively through whatsapp. This is done once we have pictures and a general description of the results of the patch testing.

Customer service is very hard to be provided via email because the amount of information we have often insufficient. In order to provide some level of customer service by email we would need to have detailed information such as:

-Before Pictures of the area to be treated

-Type of skin

-Type of Application, ie uppen eyelid tightening, facial chemical peel, age spot removal etc


-We would have needed to have daily and sometimes hourly pictures of the area treated hours after the application of the XanthRemover.

-Detailed knowledge on what product that was used to wash the area before the application of the Glycolic Acid Gel and how many times the area was washed and how. Please note that the description is not always accurate because it is based on recollection which is rarely as precise as required. Ideally video footage is required of how the area was washed.

-If de-greasing was done what product was used and how. The recollection on the de-gressing process accounted by the users is seldom precise, video Footage is required.

-Length of application of the product.

-The very clear high definition pictures taken every three hours  every 6 hours for up to a week to two depending on the application.

From experience we find that whatsapp is the most efficient way to deal with concerns, questions and doubts. This is because it is much easier to share pictures, videos, and voice notes can answer the questions much more efficiently that a written sentence can. So please if you require personalised customer service, please understand that we are more than happy to do so but we need to do it efficiently and effectively and emails are the most difficult means of communication in order to resolve any issue you might have with our high grade glycolic acid peels.



If you bought one of our High Grade Glycolic acid gel cosmetic peels like our XanthRemover congratulations. Now you are on the path to achieving and enjoying the great aesthetic results, the same achieved in top aesthetic clinics. Before the XanthRemover the amazing results of high grade chemical peels were only possible either at the dermatologist office or at top cosmetic clinics. Now you can perform these top aesthetic treatments in complete safety from the the comfort of your own home. It is very important you read and understand this contact in its entirety because high grade Glycolic Acid peels are powerful cosmetic instruments and as such understanding how they work is essential for you to use them in completely safety and getting the most out of them.


It is important to understand the value that High Grade Glycolic Acid Peels bring you. As you are about to see, the applications High Grade Cosmetic Chemical peels deliver is staggering.

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