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Training Manual for Cosmetic Clinics

The XanthRemover was created in 2013 with the sole initial scope to remove Xanthelsma form the comfort of people’s home without leaving any scarring. Thousands of people the world over have purchased the XanthRemover  and managed to remove their Xanthelasma consistently over several years now. Therefore its efficacy as a cosmetic peel is very well proven and second to none.  This is due to the potent ablative effect of the product.

What the XanthRemover was at the beginning  is  completely different to what it is today. This is because this product has gone through a number of improvements over the years.

In 2019 in order to change our business model we made an important investment aimed at making the XanthRemover easily accessible the world over.

The latest improvement was started in June 2019 and brought in 2020 an affordable amazing cosmetic peel which delivers the same results as intended as a Xanthelasma removal solution but also a ground breaking professional peel with several applications in aesthetics. The XanthRemover today is one of the best cosmetic professional peel for your cosmetic clinic.

This amazing professional cosmetic peel delivers the same results and in many cases surpasses by far the performance of any other competitive products.

The latest evolution of the XanthRemover is the even thicker gel made into a such thick formulation that it will never turn into a liquid or form drips.

Also the XanthRemover peel is a product which you can hand out to your customers because it has been intended for home use for several years. Thousands of XanthRemover have been sold the world over the years with great efficacy and safety.

This has several unique advantages. The XanthRemover allows you great flexibility and safety in your cosmetic clinic. This is because if its unique gel and slow release formulation. It has slow Glycolic acid and Vitamin A release, unique occlusion effects, and temporisation control.

This makes it a very versatile unique peeling solution for your clinic:

1 it takes advantage of the occlusion effect to amplify the peeling effects.

2 the release of the glycolic acid into the skin is much slower so that you do not have spikes in burning sensations like with other products. This makes the product much easier to cope with by the client

3 the duration of the ablation is as long as you want it to be.

4 The effect of the Xanthremover can be varied by changing the application time. The longer the XanthRemover is kept on the skin the higher the peeling effects.

5 There is virtually no limit to the ablation effect of the XanthRemover , it si up to you how long you keep it on. The depth of the ablation effects are limitless.

The possibility of regulating the ablation effects by changing the protocol. Application of lemon and vinegar, or acetone as a pre treatment in order to

The application in a aesthetic clinical setting are:

cosmetic deep peel

Skin brightening

wrinkle reduction.

Upper eyelid tightening

Lower Eyelid tightening

Crow’s feet attenuation

Do treatments on your face three times before starting on your clients

It is important to peroform a number of treatments on yourself firs to understandthe effects on the skin. After a few treatments you will understand the way the XanthRmover works and therefore you can start the eatment on your clients. Alsowsys perform on yourself the same protocols you will perm on your clients.


Adherence to the protocols

As for the protocols you do not need to strictluy adhere to a noe in particulr suggested here. You can shange the type of degrezing, timing of application etc accoridng to the customer requirements. Remember the more treatments you operform the more porficient you wiull become at these treatments.


The efficacy of the product is second to none. This is because of its high ablative potential power. Remember that it is still used the world over to remove Xanthelasma, Syringoima and benign skin lesions in general. This product is capable of very light peels down to extreme deep peels depending on how you use it in your clinic as well as the protocol you are using.

The slow release is key. This allows this product to produce excellent results with minimal burning sensation. This allows you to have the resuts you want on the clients and regulate the peeling depths from mild to very deep depending on your preferences for the client’s peel treatment.

No neutraliser is strictly needed due to the very slow release of the Glycolic Acid in the XanthRemover.

The gel has now been formulated as a very thick considered product does not produce any drips. As it is applied it seals the skin. and produces the co called occlusion effect. Occlusion means that the

The occlusion

In Aesthetics occlusion historically has been performed to enhance the penetration of any active ingredient into the skin. Occlusion allows you to amplify whatever active ingredients are contained in the cosmetic product. The prupose of occusion is amplification of whatever the bcharacteristics of a cosmetic product may be. Whatever the active ingredients the occusion allows for better neentration of thise active ingredints into the skin. Thereofr ethe glucolic acid nenetration is much more effective than the

Historically occlusion is applied by placing the product on the skin and “occluding” it with cling film or similar.

In this case the occlusion is embedded so to speak in the product so to speak thanks to its very thick consistency.  The thick sticky gel once is on the skin acts as a moisture barrier and clludes tall the active ingresdinds in the XanthRemover on the skin.

The thick gel consistency of the product and

the fact that the gel does not dry out and thereforee the occlusion effect continues

. You apply the product cream or gel on the skin and after that you apply the plastic sheet to have the area. This has an amplification effect of the active ingredients the product has. For example Occlusion has long been used in aesthetic clinics for amplifying the numbing effects of relatively weak topical  numbing creams with great success. this practice is so successful that numbing creams that are practically not numbing the area without occlusion they become relatively potent local anesthetics.
This also apply to other aesthetic products

The occlusion effect is only possible due to the unique consistency of the XanthRemover gel. The gel in 2020 is made into a very thick very dense honey like consistency which does not dry out in contact which air for several hours. Threfore this allows the product to keep the moisture of the own skin in.

The occlusion has been used for several years to amplify the effect of whatever product you want the skin to absorb. For example toccusion is used in order to amplify the numming effects of a relative weak topical anesthetic.


The greeze on the skin acts is a barrier to the the glycolic acid penetration this is because int he protocol of professional skin peels the degrezzoin is essention. Withot degreesing the effects of the cosmetic peel would not be as good because the oily protective barrier of th e skin. This is the reasonn for using the degreezing thechnique. N

Nowadays the degreasing is done in various ways.

The strongest degreesing is done using acetone. Acetone is now in the protocol of several types of cosmetic peels . This is the strongest degreezer but it has the . Acetone is the strongest degreaaser. The degreasing with acetone has to be done with a gauze impreganted with acetone. The Gauze has to be rubbed on the whole fase insisting on this areaes wheere you want to achieve the maximum absorbion, For examble brown spots, age spots , acne scars etc.

This is because is appropriate degreezing is not performed the effects of the glycolic penetration will not be that  important. The protective layer of  the skin. The greeze. The skin has a protective poily layer that protects it from outside agents and this is a netural very hesaltly mechanism, However this protective layer prevent th sht eXanthRemover and othe rcosmetic peels fro penetrating deeply into the skin. One of the reasonfs for cleasing the skin thougrougly is to allow the degrezing of the skin and remove this greeses protective layer. However this ins not completely effective in degrezing th skin .It does help a lot but ist is not clomnplete.

There are levels and techniques that allow you to degrezed the skin to certain levels .

IOne is the use of vinegars and lemon. This is the most natural newy to do it. What you do is after you have cleansed the skin then you procede to place the solution of vinegar and lemon on the skin and this will have further degrezzing effects.

For most effective VI Peel apply acetone to defat/degrease skin prior to treatment. Defatting the skin (degreasing) is important to get the most peel and product penetration from your VI Peel.

Thank you for your message! I would recommend using either Acetone and alcohol prior to the peel as it will help fully clean and degrease the skin. This will ensure maximum penetration of the peel and hopefully provide you with the best results! After the peel make sure you use gentle cleansers, gentle moisturizer, and SPF of at least 30!

Whenyou apply acetone do it a  crubby gayuze and scub te areas were you want the Xanth?Rvemor to be more efeectinve and have better penetration. Like hyperpigmented areas , acneic region, acne scars etc. This will allow better penetration of the product into thatg part of the skin that required it.



Vaseline has to be used on those aras of the face that the most sensitive. This is applied normally on the corner of the nose where the effects of the XanthRemover peel is more pronounced. Some people may have more sensitive areas on the face and hyou have top be aware of those aras. I


Valseline has to be used on those aras of the face that the most sensitive. This is applied normally on the corner of the nose where the effects of the Xanthremover peel is more pronounced. Some people may have more sensitive areas on the face and hyou have top be aware of those.

Some areas of the face



How to control the depth of peeling o fht exanthRemover in your cosmetic clinic

The prepping of the skin is one o fthe way you are able to contro lthe depth of the peel. The level of Degreesing. the more you dregreeze the skin the more the product will penetrate intot he skin and therefore you will amply the effects of the Xanth
Remover as a cosmetic peel in a clinic setting. Conversely the less you will degresase the ski the  The less you

Depth of peel control

Yo can control the depth of the peel in two main ways.

1 is to change the timing of the applicaiton

2 is changing the  protocol you are using. Especially the degreesing of the skin


Temporisation control.

With all the ofer peels liquid solutions the depth of the ablation is controlled by varying the concentration of the active peel ingredient and number of passes. This means that with ordinary professional peels in order to administer a deeper or lighter peel you may want to either dilluyte the product or incrrease ort decrease the number of  applications. With the XanthRemover the story is different. The way the peeling depth is controlled is by varying the timing of the application. the concentration of the peel and the neutralisation.

The way ablation of  the Xanthremover works is by temporisation control. The longer you  keep the  XanthRemover on the deeper the peeling effects. This allows you to control the effects of the peel by leaving the peel on the skin to do its work, The longer the XanthRemover is kept on the skin the deeper the effects the less time is left on the skin the milder the peeling.  When you actually use a neutraliser to stop the effect. Also these liquid peels have a relative short ablative power time wise this is why they require passes. The pass is the number of applications. In case of the xanthRemover there is no passes required. You obnly apply it one and you keep the gel on for the length of time you deem appropriate. The longer you keep the gel on the deeper the effects. Conversely the less you keep the XanthRemover on the less the peeling effects.


Leaving the customer to remove the XanthRemover on their own

Some cosmetic clinics prefer to perform the treatment sll in thouse. However more and more clinics are preferring tor have the customer to complete the treatment on their own accord. Rememebrt that any comtic treatment is paranunt the efter cre t. So if required what you can do is to instruc the xclient to remove the XanthRemove ron theior own without your impout. You can suim ply tell them wjhay time they have tho wash off the product once they are at honme. Anfd they will do oti. So you fo not necessarily need to remove the XanthRemover at home. You can do the treatment up to applying th exanthRemover and discrarge the client as sioon as you have placed the xanthREmvoer opn their faces. Instruct them to remove the Xanthremover carefully on their own at a predetermined time. And apply bthe afgercare.



Aftercare is very simple. Avoid sun exposure, avoid exercise avoid make up. and stay indoors generally for the entire period of the exfoliation. The skin is usually sore and dry the first few days when the exfoliation starts. Therefore any aftercare product has to have tie effect of hydrating and. Please note that the aftercare has to be done with the appropriate products, preferably with very little cross contamination or single use disposable little bags. This is because contaminated creams of gels could have a detrimental effect on the proken skin which is being exfoliated.

Remeber that using inappropriate porducts on the skin during the exfoliation is detrimental. Always use products that are deemed appropriate to apply on the skin during exfolition. This is becasue contaminated non steriel products or inadequate active ingredients can cause irritation. delayed healing , dometimes longer recovery time. delayed heling . and in extreme cases scarring.


The Phenomen of Photosensitivity with the use of AHAs is very well know and documented. What we mean is that durnng the exfoliation process there is an increase in  increase the likelihood of developing in hyperpigmentation this is only if the person becomes  exposed to direct or sometimes even indirect radiation during the exfoliation process as well as .   Photosensitivity. This is reported in several studies. This is due to UV and light exposure in general during the exfoliation period and also weeks following the trestment. The period of time while the the hyperpigmentation can develop doe not limit to the exfoliation period but it extends out to up to 2 to 3 months after the last treatment.  Sunscreen can only be worn as soon as the exfoliation process is complete. Total sun screen preferably physical sunscreen must be work dayly for at least two months afte the laset treatment. Please note that thedaily unse of total sunscreen does not necessarily avoid photosensitivity reactions wich may lead to hyperpigmentation. The best way to deal with it is the use of total sunscreen and vomptete avoidance of sun exposure. The use of sunscreen will reduce the risks of developing hypre pigmentation. Hoever these risks can be minimised but never completely excluded.

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