Sue (UK)

Before watching this, stop and think, who else showed me a video testimonial with before and after pictures?


Tracy Petersons (USA)

I purchased your gel online and I am amazed by your customer service. You answered all the questions I had, now the ungly yellow spots are gone.

All I had to do is emailing you the picture and follow your instructions.

Many Thanks



Rena Filipina Pontes (coment on Facebook)

“Thank you for the products, it really removed the white patch on my eyelids.”

“Hi …(OTHER CUSTOMER’S NAME).., it seems like I received after 3 weeks, it takes time but your client of waiting is worthy. I had my order last 2013, Oct.”

Further evidence of this are on our files.

Brian USA

Rick Bell (Alaska)

I suffered from Xanthewlasmas for 4 years and every doctor gave me different opinion as how to have them removed. Some said it was very expensive and it should had been done using a laser.  Others advised to excise it but they said it would have  left scars. A practitioner gave me Cholesterol lowering drugs with no effects. I tried garlic as I read on blogs without any result.

One day I come across the XanthRemover website. I found the information very clear. At the beginning it seemed too good to be true, but I gave it a try. I bought the XanthRemover and after a few sessions the Xanthelasmas disappeared.

Many thanks



Mr Theng (Singapore)

Dear Martin

Thank you for the product, and it works!!

Attached are the photos taken before and after the application of the XanthRemover



Alice Brooks (New Zealand)

Thank you for sending me the XanthRemover. It was very easy, now my Xanthelasmas are gone!!  The other clinics were so expenvive…




Richard in Wales (UK)

I had laser surgery in the past and the Xanthelasma returned shortly after the operation. I did not want to go through that experience again. It was expensive and the down time was considerable. I found your website and I ordered your product from your website.

I received a very good service from Areton. Now my Xanthelasma are gone again!

Thanks, Richard




Gemma Roberts (New York)

For a while it seemed that the only option I had was to cover up the Xanthelasma using a lot of make up. I watched this program on embarrassing bodies on TV about this person who could not find a solution to the Xanthelasma . I though, if they cannot find a cure what are the chances of me finding it? So for a while the situation felt hopeless.

I was surprised when I saw on the Internet a few doctors able to remove the Xanthelasma without scarring. Unfortunately they were expensive and they said that the Xanthelasmas could have come back.

As I was flying to Chicago I met a John and he told me how he had his Xanthelasma removed using this product. I bought it immediately, two months later no trace of those ugly yellow patches!

Many Thanks



Stephen (UK)

Tim Hawkins (California)

I was very embarrassed by my Xanthelasma. It made my professional life difficult as I was in constant contact with my Clients. I asked my physician and he said I could have risked being affected by permanent scarring if I was treated with surgery. I looked up on the internet and I was amazed to find this product. In two moths I was free of my Xanthelasmas.




Amanda Smith (Toronto)

I was only 35 when I started noticing these yellow patched around my eyes. They were very embarrassing. My doctor seemed clueless about it. He said I had two choices,  live with them or get scarred by surgery. I started covering them up with make up, I went on that way for over a year. I then started reading blogs and I found the XanthRemover by chance. I ordered it straightaway. After all I spend far more on make up over the year than on the Xanth Gel.

As soon as it arrived I started using it. A few weeks later no signs of the Xanthelasmas and no scars. I wish I tried the XanthRemover earlier.



Clara Johnson (Ohio)

A couple of year ago I started noticing these yellow lumps. The situation seemed to get worse with time. I consulted my doctor and he said that my Cholesterol levels were fine and I watched a few videos on the Internet and for a while it seemed as if the only choice was to live with them. After a lot of research, I found a good doctor who promised he would have removed the Xanthelasma with a laser without leaving any scarring, unfortunately he wanted 5000 dollars which I did not have. This procedure was not covered by the insurance.

I found the XanthRemover  on the internet and I bought it in quickly.  After using it three times all Xanthelasmas were gone.

There is still no sign of it!



Carol Brown (England)

Loving the Xanthremover, I’ve just finished the healing of 2nd application and reduction is amazing. I think it will take another 2 or 3 but I’m really impressed.




I received the XanthRemover and I had some questions about its effects. I emailed you guys and you answered in half a day. I am very pleased especially now that I do not have those ugly yellow patches.




Jane Rossi (New York)

I went to my doctor and he referred me to a clinic. They wanted in the region of 4000 dollars to remove them, and they said they would not guaranteed they did not come back. The information I found over the Internet was very confusing. It seemed as if I was sentenced to pay thousands over the years to have these Xanthelasmas removed over and over again.Then I found Xanthelasmarevoval.com. The website was very clear and the information was confirmed by research papers.

I placed an order with them and now the Xanthelasmas have disappeared.




Bob Travis (Colorado)

I bought this product and I can’t stop thanking the people from XanthelasmaRemoval. I had a few questions and the team answered via email very quickly. My ugly Xanthelasmas initially seemed hopeless to remove, but fortunately I got rid of them in no time. The situation seemed hopeless especially when I saw the program on Embarrassingbody from the UK. However I was determined not to live with Xanthelasma.
I kept looking and I found about XanthRemoval on the internet. My wife  applied the XanthRemover on my yellow patches. The problem was solved in a matter of two treatments….done by my wife!




Russell Wilmouth (Melbourne)

I had Xanthelasmas and I found the Xantheremover online. Initially I was very skeptical, because my doctor said I would have ended up scarred if I attempted to have them removed. I work in a large public library so I have access to many research papers. I had a browse over some other research papers and confirmed the information on the website. I ordered the XanthRemover and as expected, I have no Xanthelasma and no scars!



Anna Coomes (Edinburgh, UK)

I had my Xanthelasmas removed with different lasers over the years. Every time they reappeared I knew it would have cost another few thousand pounds and most of all the inconvenience. I seemed doomed to live with these things and have them removed over and over again.

One day, as I was browsing,  I came across the XanthRemover and bought it. After all it was a fraction of the cost had to pay my doctor to remove the Xanthelasmas. I was surprised…… after the first time I used it, it was almost as if I had been treated with the laser….the yellow patches were hardly visible

After the second treatment the Xanthelasmas were almost gone. After the third, it was as if they had never been there in the first place. The only noticeable thing was the slight difference in colour of the new skin, but I was used to it…. after all I had the same after every previous laser treatment.

The Xanthelasmas have not reappeared to this day, but this time I know that I can remove them myself without spending the ridiculous amounts I had to spend in the past. I hope I will not see these annoying yellow things again but should I see them again I know it will be easy this time……



John Karls (London)

I would like to say thank you to the people from Xanthelasmaremoval. They have been very efficient and they managed to remove my Xanthelasmas. I received the XanthRemover 2 weeks after ordering it. Two months later my Xanths had gone.

You saved me the £3000 pounds I was quoted for surgery.

Thank you very very much.



John Karls (London)

Anna Coomes (Edinburgh, UK)

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The XanthRemover

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The XanhRemover is manufactured, labeled and packaged by an European ISO 22716 approved Lab on Areton Ltd's behalf. The XanthRemover is a cosmetic peel with the sole intended use of Removing Xanthelasma. The XanthRemover does not contain any medicine or medication of any sort.The XanthRemover is a cosmetic peel specialised to remove Xanthelasmas by progressive exfoliation.
Xanthelasma is a benign growth only removed for cosmetic reasons.

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