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How does it work

The XanthRemover is not a miracle cure, it just works! But how does it work? The XanthRemover works by chemically ablating the Xanthelasmas from the top. In other words, the XanthRemover “destroys” the fat deposits of the Xanthelasmas.

As you apply the XanthRemover on your Xanthelasmas you will feel a burning sensation. This is normal. This burning sensation will only last 5 minutes. After that, the area where you applied the XanthRemover will have whitened. Make sure you only apply the XanthRemover on the xanthelasmas and not on your healthy skin.

Xanthelasmas Before applying the XanthRemover

This is one of our patients selected for our clinical tests before the XanthRemover was applied.

This is the same patient soon after the XanthRemover was applied. At that point the burning sensation was gone. As you can notice the area where the XanthRemover was applied had whitened. This whitening reaction is normal after applying the XanthRemover. A few days later the part where the XanthRemover was applied will have hardened and will have turned into a scab. Please note that some patients experience swelling after applying the XanthRemover, this is very normal, there is nothing to worry about. The swelling will go away after a few days.

Xanthelasma soon after the XanthRemover was applied

Patient just after the XanthRemover was applied. The burning sensation was about to fade

After a few days, the Scab will fall off by itself. At that point, you will see that the thickness of your Xanthelasmas will have decreased drastically. After a few applications, you will get rid of your Xanthelasmas completely. So you will able to notice the improvement almost immediately. Some patients require more and other fewer treatments depending on the thickness of the Xanthelasmas.

As you can see the area where the Xanthelasma was is pinker than the rest of the skin, this is normal because new skin has replaced the Xanthelasma. After a couple of months, the color of the part treated will have blended with the rest of the skin due to normal sun exposure.

One advantage of using the XanthRemover is that you can decide when you are satisfied with the result. If you think that you still want to keep removing a tiny xanthelasma residue you can still do so, you are in control of your treatment and you can continue until complete removal.